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By   23rd April 2017

[Manchester Nightlife]

Zlatan Ibrahimovic The club captain has been nursing an ankle injury and was an unused substitute against Anderlecht. Mourinho said: He has a good mentality, he is a fighter. He is a strong man, even if he is not in the best condition, even if he is not in the level of sharpness that you need to play high-level football, but he has the experience and character, so he has to. Now we need absolutely everyone. Now I even have to think that Axel Tuanzebe, he has to go to the youth World Cup in Korea [with DR Congo] maybe Axel has to come now, now we need everyone. The Portuguese did confirm two of his starting XI to face Burnley: [Ander] Herrera plays, he didnt play against Anderlecht. So Herrera is fresh to play, Ashley Young is fresh to play. Mourinho also repeated his view that Marcus Rashford, who scored the winner against Anderlecht, should not play for England Under-21s in the summers European Championship. I just feel that when a player reaches a certain level, it doesnt make a lot of sense to drop levels, he said. Its like now I am going to play him in the under-23s, to win lets say a derby against Man City? No.

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